** Special Offer: Only available on this page **

Want all the girls on your walls?

Or perhaps to gift for a friend?

My A4 prints usually sell for $30 each.

But today you can purchase these THREE gorgeous girls together

for just $45.00 - a saving of 50%.

3 x A4 Unframed Art Prints

And there's FREE delivery. Yay!

The beautiful thing about this offer is that you can take home Liberty, True and Mariposa at a fraction of the cost.

Pick your favourite girl and give the others as gifts, or keep them all for yourself to remind you of the unique and special person that you are.

This offer though is ONLY available right here on this page before your order finalises.

And while you're here ... thanks so much for looking at my art. I do appreciate it.


Such beautiful art. I just found you via Mia Freedman and Lady Startups.

Sarah, on Instagram

I love EVERYTHING you do.

Kylie, on Facebook

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